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Briella SpiritCharger:


Full Effect

What Are Briella SpiritChargers?

SpiritCharger’s are innovative healing energy crystals empowered by Coral Menashrov’s unique spiritual process that connects them directly to your soul's energetic frequency.

In a procedure performed with the help of Spirit and the four elements of water, air, fire and earth, Coral connects the energy of your crystal with the full energy of the Universe before synchronizing your SpiritCharger with your soul’s unique vibration.

By connecting your soul directly with source energy, Briella SpiritChargers become a necessity for the ultimate crystal healing experience providing dramatic improvement in your overall well-being.

Who Benefits From Our SpiritChargers?

If you are experiencing existential feelings of dissatisfaction, illness and mental or emotional issues, relationship problems, trouble finding a relationship, career blockages, communication problems within your close environment (children, significant other, family, friends, colleague’s), fears, addictions, etc., – you can reap the benefits of a Briella SpiritCharger.

What Does a SpiritCharger do?

Briella SpiritCharger's tap into the ultimate energy source, to the universe’s main channel – and allows you to be spiritually attuned & charged by it. You will be charged from the root of your soul, with the frequency and pace unique only to you, until you reach the correct understanding of your soul’s real needs and the blockages and imbalances preventing you from the life or circumstances you desire.

Once connected with your SpiritCharger and spiritually recharged, you will once again regain control and be able to steer yourself, with full awareness, upon your true life path.

Coral’s Unique Charging & Healing Process

In order to maximize the healing energy of Briella SpiritCharger crystals and jewelry, Coral uses her own unique technique and spiritual process using all four elements of earth, air,fire & water along with other gifts to “see” and understand the true needs of your soul's energy; in order to prescribe the perfect SpiritCharger that will provide you with maximum healing.

It begins with Coral prescribing the precise SpiritCharger healing crystal best suited to meet your needs.

The SpiritCharger selected for you taps into the ultimate energy source, the universe’s main channel – and provides you with deep, spiritual healing. You will be charged from your root chakra, with the vibrational frequency and pace uniquely created and channeled to you.

Once connected and spiritually recharged, you can once again take control of your life, wellness, and circumstances and steer yourself in full awareness to your soul’s true life path.

Briella SpiritChargers heal and aid in the subjects listed below:

  • Addictions & Codependency

    Our SpiritChargers work effectively on those barreling any emotional or substance addiction issues and aids in correcting and healing said addictive behaviour.

  • Career & Prosperity 
    Beneficial for aiding in advancing your career prospects as well as improving your academic success.

  • Family Issues
    Assists in enhancing the relationships with your family and aids with any challenges within these familial relationships and dynamics.

  • Fertility & Conception
    Assists in aiding women with fertility issues and with your family and helps aid any challenges within these familial relationships.

  • Mental Health & Physical Wellness
    Assists in improving your physical-spiritual & mental wellness. It aids in balancing out your physical wellbeing and heals areas where improvement is needed for growth. Assists in aiding women with fertility issues and with your family and helps aid any challenges within these familial relationships.

  • Relationships & Love
    Assists in attracting love and romance and soul-mate relationships in your life and aids you throughout these meaningful relationships.

  • Trauma & Depression/Anxiety
    Assists in releasing emotional trauma and challenges that affect your everyday life and those present in your subconscious. Helps in releasing depression & anxiety present in your life to aid in a non-restricted lifestyle.

  • Spirituality & Consciousness
    Assists in reaching the ultimate spiritual awareness within yourself and aids in shifting your consciousness to manifest your higher self's greatest potential. It also helps you experience and enjoy a deeper connection with your soul! Assists in aiding women with fertility issues and with your family and helps aid any challenges within these familial relationships.

  • Aura Cleansing/Chakra Balancing
    Assists in clearing and balancing your aura field and chakras which are crucial to your wellbeing and self. Our Chakras and Aura field have a direct impact on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being so maintaining your equilibrium will help your performance in all areas of life.

  • Children & Adolescents
    Assists your relationships and connection with your children and aids with their behaviour, attitude and highest development. It helps release any fear or blockages from your child during trying times of need and helps direct your child on their true path.

  • Protection/Evil Eye
    Assists in the removal of evil eye and negative energies around, while providing you with protection and shielding of such energies and entities.

Connection & Attunement Steps

Step 1-  Prescribing and Selecting Your SpiritCharger

Coral uses her unique spiritual abilities, tools and guidance to see the true needs of your soul's energy before matching you with the appropriate healing crystal that the Universe intended specifically for you.

Step 2- Connecting You to Your SpiritCharger

Through a remote channeling process, Coral connects your souls energy to the SpiritCharger that she has hand picked and selected – attuning it to the perfect vibrational frequency that provides you with maximum healing.

Step 3- Reaping the Benefits of Your SpiritCharger

Once your SpiritCharger is activated you will feel re-energized and more aligned in the areas of your overall life; wellness, love life, family life, career, spirituality and so much more. 

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